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Back yard swimming pool behind modern single family home at pool opening with green stagnant algae filled water before cleaning

Pool Drain and Wash

There are several reasons to drain your pool water. Pools in the Phoenix metro area lose an average of eight feet of water per year to evaporation, however, the residue from chemicals remains behind. The current recommendation is for pools to be drained every three years, or when:

  • the TDS (total dissolved solids) level reaches 3000,
  • your pool has been overtaken by algae,
  • your plaster has been stained by dirt or other causes,
  • the plaster or drain covers, tile, lights, etc. need replacing.

AMCO Pool Service offers several different types of drain and wash processes for each of these situations: a simple pool drain and refill, a pool drain and pressure wash, and a pool drain and acid wash.

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