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One-time Pool Service

Lost control of your pool over the hot summer? Bought a new property? Tree fall in your pool after a storm?

We can help! AMCO Pool Service provides one-time pool cleanups for all types of pool messes. We will clean and vacuum the pool, balance the chemicals, and perform all of the other checks that come with our normal weekly service.

The important thing to understand is that a one-time cleanup often requires us to visit your pool more than once.

On the first visit, we will clean and balance the chemicals. But often, the pool will need to be revisited in a few days or a week to be sure that the water is clear and there are no further issues.

Often with green pools or a large amount of dirt or debris in the water, a filter clean will be needed on the day of the pool cleanup to make sure that the water can circulate properly through the filters. However, if there is still a great amount of algae or dirt in the pool that will filter out over the next few days, sometimes a second filter clean will be required. Otherwise, the algae, dirt or debris will remain in the filter, clogging it and leading to an issue later.

The process for your individual pool will be explained in advance, and follow-up visits are included in the original estimate.